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Pregnancy Health Guide » How to prevent pregnancy » I only had sex as well as he incidentally ejaculated in me. How can we forestall a pregnancy?

I only had sex as well as he incidentally ejaculated in me. How can we forestall a pregnancy?

Question by [[i♥him]]: we only had sex as well as he incidentally ejaculated in me. How can we forestall the pregnancy?
I only had defenceless sex about thirty to 40 mins ago as well as when my beloved pulled out we saw sperm, so we know which he ejaculated. But we have been approach as well immature for the baby right right away as well as we unequivocally need to know how can we forestall the conceiving physically from happening. Please assistance me.

I know how foolish we was so greatfully do not discuss it me that. Just assistance me out Please. we done the inapplicable designation as well as we need a little help.


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Answer by Alisha
Use Plan b Plan B® One-Step is dictated to forestall conceiving physically after well known or suspected preventive disaster or defenceless intercourse.

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13 Responses to "I only had sex as well as he incidentally ejaculated in me. How can we forestall a pregnancy?"

  1. Ashley says:

    go to internal pharmacy ask for devise b or sunrise after pill…..

  2. Sam says:

    morning after pill. will stop anything happening

  3. #2 baby BOY due may 18th 2010 says:

    go get a sunrise after pill. It is regularly during a back of a opposite during flattering most any pharmacy we only have to ask for it.

  4. xkxtxfx says:

    you could get the sunrise after tablet though needs to be taken inside of twelve hours we should be means to get this during your internal pharmacy but the prescription!! :)

  5. Nymphy says:

    go to Planned Parenthood or a pharmacy as well as get Plan B (the sunrise after pill) though we have to take it asap in sequence for it to work i consider a ultimate we can take it is 24-48 hour after retort Good Luck!*

  6. SweetJourney says:

    sorry though It’s NEVER an accident. have been we married? substantially not, contemptible which we do not have the husband!

  7. Mia - Baby Kia is due 01.05.10 says:

    take a sunrise after pill

  8. ALICE says:

    You can get what in a UK is called a sunrise after pill, we consider in a US as well as Canada it is called devise B. You can ask in a pharmacy about it or we can see your alloy though which ever we have to take a pills inside of 72 hours of sex as well as a progressing a better.
    The chances of being profound have been low as it customarily takes some-more than only 1 time to have a baby though we should go as well as get a remedy only to be upon a protected side.
    Just a single final thing – we pretence which we have been both immature or fresh as no male we have ever well well known has ejaculated as well as not known.

  9. Miss Kae says:

    This is a usual outcome of not formulation for stable sex, we get off ensure as well as get carried divided in a moment. And we have been not alone. There have been resources out there.

    Others have willingly endorsed Plan B. You have 72 hours in that it is effective, though a earlier we take it, a some-more in effect it is. If we have been not certain where to get it in your area, we can hit people during any Planned Parenthood as well as they will assistance indicate we in a right direction.

  10. Jennyfer Sexy says:

    no highlight please….wait

  11. John says:

    Coat hanger as well as bottle of whiskey. Job Done

  12. Tina E says:

    P l A N b!! But it might be the small coslty!

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